Dashboard Overview

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Kyle LaCour
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Welcome To Your Dashboard

The Dashboard is a central hub to review and analyze a variety of reports and metrics across your company. Gain valuable insights into different aspects of performance metrics, compliance, and more.



Any metrics that have been set up will be shown right here:

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To see it broken down by subtag, click View Details:

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Performance Indicators

If your company is tracking more in-depth performance metrics, they are shown and broken down here:

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Performance % - Compliance & Metric




Total number of audits that have been completed based on the target frequency & date range chosen:


Hover over the lines on the graph to view details:

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Comparison over time of how well certain metrics are performing relative to the target score:


Hover over the lines to view details as well:

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Total number of Deficiencies that were found this month and the previous.

Click on View Details to be taken to your Summary Report:




Action Items

Current number of Past Due, Due Soon, or Pending resolution

Click on View Details to review all of your Action Items:




Audits Completed

Total number of audits completed this month and the previous:


To view more details, head to your Completed Audits:

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Top Auditor(s) This Month

Shows who has completed the most audits for the current month:


Want to know more? Head to your Leaderboard Report:

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