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Managing Your Community

This article will give you helpful guidance on how to use MyFieldAudits to effectively manage your community. It will help you answer the following questions:


How is my community doing overall?


Which of my teams are completing their audits as they should be?


What issues are my teams facing?


How do I help them with more pressing issues that need my attention?


What are residents saying about their experience?




Step 1. Review your Dashboard

For starters, take a look at your Dashboard. Treat this as your central hub and starting point for any quick snapshots you would like to dive further into, such as performance metrics, overall compliance, and resident feedback, to name a few.

2023-10-24_11-20-39 (1).gif



Step 2. Check your Audit Compliance Report

Be sure to head to your Audit Compliance Report so you can keep a tab on which of your teams are (or aren't) completing their audits.

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 11.48.45 AM.png

Utilize the information in front of you to highlight any teams or team members that are not adhering to compliance standards that have been laid out. Without your teams performing their audits, no valuable information can be looked at!

Note: The fractions you are seeing represent the total number of audits completed versus the number that should be completed for that time period.

Ex: 2/10 means 2 audits have been completed within a time period that requires 10 audits being completed



Step 3. Go to your Summary Report

From there, we recommend to head over to your Summary Report. This will give you valuable insights into what standards are being followed, what issues your teams are facing, and how you can address them.

2023-09-29_13-02-31 (1).gif

Use this report to focus on instances that are starting to look like trending issues over time. Conversely, call out team members who are going above and beyond in their duties to ensure a top quality of living for your residents.



Step 4. Review your Action Items

Every time a member of your team finds something worth following up on, they should assign it to someone like yourself as an Action Item.

Focus on specific issues that may be more time-sensitive or important than others, ensuring all facets of your community are running smoothly. Regularly review and update action plans as needed to track progress and adapt to changing circumstances and standards.

Be prepared for when those state inspections happen!  

2023-09-26_11-21-33 (1).gif

Action Items are an integral part of keeping your community the best it can be. It is the most direct tool in our program for your onsite teams to communicate with you regarding issues they are facing, take advantage!



If your community is utilizing our resident feedback portal, be sure to review the feedback under the MyCustomerVoice tab.

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As an executive director of a senior living community, you are entrusted with a unique and significant responsibility. Engaging with the above tools will ensure your community is being run at a proper rhythm at its absolute peak of quality, with your teams performing at their most efficient. 


Check out our Knowledge Base for further insight into our platform!