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Managing Your Region

There are a few different areas of our platform that would be best utilized for someone at a regional level, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most:


How is my region doing as a whole?


Which communities are completing their audits?


What issues are my teams facing?


How can I address these issues?


What are residents saying about their experience?



Step 1. Review your Dashboard

For starters, take a look at your Dashboard. Treat this as your central hub for any quick stats you want to look at, such as who's completing their audits or what items need your attention.

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Step 2. Check your Leaderboard Report

From there, we recommend heading over to your Leaderboard Report. This will give you a nice visual of which communities in your region are completing their audits and how well they are performing.

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The Audit Compliance Report is another great resource for tracking which audits have been getting done and which aren't across your region.


Step 3. Review your Summary Report

To view what your teams are finding within their audits, go to your Summary Report. This will break down their findings and allow you to uncover possible trends and areas to focus on in your region, while also calling out areas that are running on all cylinders.

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Step 4. Go over your Action Items

These are what your Executive Directors and their onsite teams produce and assign when they find something that is worth being followed up on and corrected.

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Action Items are the most direct and efficient way in our program for you and your teams to communicate with each other regarding problem areas, take advantage!

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By centralizing coordination, communication, and emphasizing consistent action plans, you can create a more efficient approach to managing your region and beyond.



If your region is utilizing our resident feedback portal, be sure to review the feedback under the MyCustomerVoice tab.

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Using this guide as a resource, consider organizing regular meetings to discuss audit results, share best practices, and reinforce expectations, or even conduct training sessions to address recurring issues or emerging trends that are being identified. These will ensure your region is operating at its peak of quality for your residents.

Be sure to browse the rest of our Knowledge Base to gain more insight into our platform!