Completing an Audit from Mobile

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Ready to Complete your first Audit? 

If you haven't received login credentials, reach out to your product owner or

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Important Features and Tips


You can have access to all the locations you need. Change between locations  by tapping the location selector at the top of the app


You can upload multiple photos and videos to any question or standard on MyFieldAudits. You can take these directly through the app or upload from your devices gallery

Action Items

These are powerful way that you can notify and assign team members to issues that need follow-up. Simply tap the Action Item icon that appears on any question marked Thumbs Down and select an optional Assignee and Due Date if desired. 


You can complete your audits with or without connection. Just ensure you login while connectivity is available. Audits uploaded offline can be uploaded when connection is available by tapping the Cloud icon in the top left

Local-Auto Save

Your progress is being saved on your device while completing. You MUST finish your audit on the device you start on (cross device syncing coming soon!)

IMPORTANT: logging out will clear any progress. Always ensure your audits are complete and uploaded before logging out